We highly recommend Poythress Homes to anyone wanting a full custom experience in building their home. We were able to select EVERYTHING that went into our home, from the floor plan and exterior design all the way down to small details like electrical outlet placement and trim styles.

We started with a standard floor plan based on what we had relayed to Terry and Steve about what we were looking for in our home. We were able to make modifications until we had everything just as we wanted it.

We got to choose our own appliances, light fixtures, countertops and cabinets, plumbing fixtures, flooring, built-in bookcases, fireplaces, and even the outdoor landscaping. I’ve heard of other builders limiting you to a group of certain choices in these categories, but we were really able to create this home exactly as we wanted it.

The construction is top-notch, as well. All of our inspections throughout the building process went off without a hitch, and the inspectors seemed to be familiar with the high quality of work done by Poythress by the comments they made.

We have now been living in our dream home for over a year and couldn’t be happier!

We built our primary residence with Poythress Homes, Inc. in Montvale at Copperleaf, Cary, NC. The owners of the company Terry, Steve and Carol were intensely pleasant professionals and kind human beings to work with. During the home building journey, we had outstanding experience with their professionalism and meticulous approach on the details of our needs. They carefully listened to our needs and very helpful in choosing best options that will enrich our home values. In some occasions, we were not very sure what to choose and they helped us when we sought for their helps. They had accommodated all our change orders and kind enough to offer their invaluable suggestions to make the final product (home) very impressive.

Terry and Steve are very talented leaders in the construction field with proven track records. We feel very happy that our primary home is the outcome of high quality workmanship and we are grateful to the Poythress Homes, Inc. We will certainly hire them again for future contraction needs as we are absolutely satisfied with their leadership.

Our good friends closed on this GEORGOUS custom built home by #Poythress Homes in #Montvalecary community. Scott was very excited and grateful to be a part of the 9 month process during the home build. This home is beyond #housegoals and we are so happy and proud of them for choosing a home that will create many more memories for years to come!

Recently we built our fourth custom home in four different states, and I must say, Poythress Homes is the best at what they do. Steve was excellent from start to finish. Always keeping in touch, accommodating requests, and transparent through the entire process. We recommend Poythress Homes without reservation, and if you use someone else, it will be your loss.

“Mary and I are delighted with our new Poythress home. The build quality from framing to flooring and interior finish is exceptional. The Poythress team was courteous, professional and very responsive throughout the process. Communications were frequent, which was particularly important as we were 800 miles away during most of the nine-month process. Despite some weather challenges through the winter the Poythress team delivered the home on the closing date originally estimated at the beginning. We are very pleased to recommend the Poythress team.”

“I would strongly recommend Terry Poythress Construction for your new home. My building experience has been very positive due to Terry’s relentless commitment to honesty, fairness, quality workmanship and customer service before and after the sale. When looking for a builder you will not go wrong in doing business with Terry Poythress. If you would like to discuss this further then please give me a call.”

“My family and I are so pleased with our new home. We sincerely commend you and your fine company on a job well done. I would like to convey to your future home buyers that I am a retired Home Builder of 54 yrs in the New York and Florida areas. Anyone could understand that I was apprehensive for someone other than myself to build my home. We now enjoy our residence and wish to express our gratitude to you Terry, your wonderful family and crew for going the proverbial “extra mile’ during construction and equally important fine details. Finally, you also built a home for my son and his family and they are equally satisfied. Thank you for your professional and personal effort on my family’s behalf.”

“I would strongly recommend Terry Poythress Construction for your new home. My building experience has been very positive due to Terry’s relentless commitment to honesty, fairness, quality workmanship and customer service before and after the sale. When looking for a builder you will not go wrong in doing business with Terry Poythress. If you would like to discuss this further then please give me a call.”

“We had recently completed a major renovation on our 15 year old home when we saw the Terry Poythress Parade Home in Weston Estates. Kristie and I found the home to have a perfect floor plan for our needs. The attention to detail was excellent throughout the home. All the features of today’s finest homes were included. We found the Poythress team to be very helpful in responding to the few changes we asked for before purchasing the home. Our nearly 5 years in the home have been wonderful with no major surprises. Kristie and I highly recommend Terry Poythress for top quality home building.”

“As the proud and satisfied owners of a Terry Poythress Construction, Inc built home, we are pleased to learn Terry Poythress is a candidate for the “Builder of the Year” Award. From the initial stages of sitting the house on our lot to the very final stages of the building process and our very smooth closing, Terry demonstrated to us that his principle concerns were to respect and accommodate our requests and to build us a quality home of which the builder and the buyer could be proud. Ultimately, his goal was to have a pleased and happy customer, and in this Terry Poythress was successful. Most outstanding to us was his flexibility in his endeavor to accommodate our wishes to complete some of the finishing work ourselves to conserve costs. Several other builders from whom we received estimates were not so accommodating. Additionally, we found that Terry made a concerted effort to hire competent subcontractors, several of whom were true artist’s and many of whom were very conscientious. His framers and his finishing subcontractors were very helpful with suggestions as to how we make improvements in our plan. We also found Terry very willing and forthright about making corrections which are inevitable in any building process. It is our pleasure to recommend “Terry Poythress Builder of the Year.” We wish him continued success.”

“Terry did a great job building our house in Preston. His attention to the detail and the workmanship of his crews were excellent. Terry was very responsive to our needs and incorporated the changes we requested during the building process without any problems. Terry and Dennis were a pleasure to work with, and they made the building process a very pleasurable experience for us.”

“We literally were house shopping for over three years. We knew what we wanted and had made several offers on other homes that fell through and we were beginning to compromise on our requirements. Poythress Homes had exactly the home we’d been searching for in the perfect location, with ALL the features and amenities we desired and no compromise. Steve and Terry Poythress made the contract negotiations fast and easy. We literally came to agreement in less than 1 hour with NO frustrating back and forth offers, counter-offers, or hard-sell pressures that we’d experience with other sellers/realtors and builders. With our previous house already under contract, we would have faced significant hardship had our new house not been completed on the target date established months before. Poythress Homes understood our dilemma and worked hard to ensure that our new house was ready for closing on the exact day we needed so we would have a smooth transition moving from old to new. After seeing our new Poythress Homes house, one of our friends (who works in the home construction industry) told us that ours was his favorite house out of everyone he knows. Coming from him, that means a lot! Since moving into our new Poythress Homes home in Cary, one of our relatives now refers to our house as the “Biltmore-East.” We enjoyed the flexibility of selecting all our own interior features and appointments and making our new home our own. Steve Poythress really helped and made the daunting task of picking colors, textures, fixtures, cabinets, carpet.etc. Easy and enjoyable by asking us just to focus on one thing at a time. He pointed out when each selection was needed during the construction process and we weren’t pressured into making all choices at one time with the fear of regretting some later. The ‘design time’ in between really helped us to be comfortable with our choices and allowed us to step back and make the whole house “match”.”

“We moved from Michigan to North Carolina in December 2002 and had since looked for a new custom home in the Triangle area. In addition to the location, our emphasis for our new house has been on the quality and craftsmanship. But unlike most of the homeowners, we also paid special attention to details and design innovation in floor plans with respect to energy efficiency as well as space economy. We took the approach of looking/examining various houses under construction prior to talking to the builders to satisfy, first our own particular needs without the builder’s influence. However, we have not succeeded, for a period of nearly seven months, in identifying one that would meet all our requirements. In June 2003, our realtor who knew about our basic requirements informed us that a house udders construction in Preston Village would be worthwhile for a visit. Frankly, we were not very enthusiastic about it first under the influence of our seven months frustration. However, when arrived at the house, which only had a finished superstructure, we were immediately attracted to its apparent quality and craftsmanship. We carefully examined various aspects of the interior construction and floor plans during three subsequent and lengthy visits, like we always did. But this time we were convinced that we have found a house, having already out basic required components that would also meet the builder’s standards so that we can safely and easily build further to establish a new home we want. In the same month, we signed the purchase agreement with Poythress Homes, Inc. and met Steve for the first time. Steve gave us the first impression of being a confident/enthusiastic and very polite young person. We were a bit surprised to find that such a high quality and sophisticated house with all essential components were constructed under the supervision of a person as young as Steve. But we soon found out that, in addition to the qualities mentioned above, he already developed the knowledge of an experienced homebuilder with also a sound management style; he knows the business. After the execution of the purchase agreement, Vicki visited the home site nearly on a daily basis and could always find the presence of Steve. This clearly reveals the responsible nature of Steve and also represents an indicator of his dedication to his profession, explaining why he has already gained such an extensive homebuilder experience at his age. This experience also extends to include high quality service. He was not only listening to our fastidious needs but also ensured that these needs be satisfactorily fulfilled. With Steve’s knowledge, this builder/homeowner team-effort had ensured quality and perfection every step of the way. Steve’s intimated participation/contribution to these team efforts was reflected by his enthusiasms on responding to our certain requests of construction details by showing us the pros and cons of these details in various newly constructed houses under or associated with his supervision. These efforts had never been deteriorated due to our frequent changes of needs/plans. We valued highly this unique type of quality service from Steve, which we doubted that we would receive from builders other than Steve. In addition, he is certainly sincere about being up-dated concerning design trends, as he frequently pointed out to us certain such features in our house that have escaped our attention. It also needs to be emphasized that, during the course of construction, Steve had made constructive suggestions/solutions to keeping the construction costs within our budget but without compromising the quality that we demanded. With the up most satisfaction, we closed the purchase on October 1, 2003. Steve’s service, in terms of quality and timeliness, continued after the closing, which we also this is a unique characteristic of Poythress Homes, Inc. The fact is that now we not only own a beautiful house that we always wanted but have also established a friendship with Steve, one that is above and beyond an ordinary builder/owner relationship. I recommend without any hesitation that Steve Poythress be the builder for your new home.”

“Our experience with Poythress Homes during the construction of our new home was beyond our expectations. We were extremely pleased that Terry and Steve agreed to a delivery schedule that allowed us to move in prior to the birth of our new son. Poythress agreed to build the home in 5 months and they worked diligently to meet that time table. At the end of the day, we were able to move in before the agreed upon date because they were aware of our desire to move in ASAP and worked incredibly hard to deliver the home ahead of schedule. We had previously purchased a new home from a production builder and another custom home in the Triangle, but found an unprecedented level of flexibility with Poythress Homes with customizing our home. We were able to select every detail – the cabinets, appliances, flooring, tile work, lighting, paint colors, fireplace mantel and finish carpentry work. With the carpentry, we were able to select the layout of every closet, the pantry, mudroom and family room mantle and built-ins. We also customized the layout of the kitchen by expanding the island, adding additional storage underneath, and adding a desk. They were always easy to work with during the design phase and did not discourage us from customizing the layout of the home to best fit our needs. They were also happy to provide pictures from homes they had built in the past when we came to them with an idea but were not sure exactly how we wanted it to look. They were also very flexible about going back and changing things even if they had already been started. For example, once we determined which room would be the office, we realized that the closet door needed to be switched to a pocket door so we could fit all of our furniture. Although it had already been framed for a traditional door, they were happy to accommodate this need and replaced it with a pocket door free of charge. Throughout the home building process, Steve Poythress was always accessible and responded promptly to any questions, concerns, or issues that arose. Whether it was via email or text, we felt that we were always kept in the loop and never had to worry about trying to get a hold of the builder. Overall, we are incredibly happy with the professionalism we received from Terry and Steve and the level craftsmanship they brought to our new Poythress home. We are happy to provide this unqualified recommendation for Poythress Homes and would encourage family, friends, and anyone who is considering building a custom home in the Triangle to strongly consider talking with Terry and Steve. ”